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Any cowboy worthy of his spurs will tell you beef isn't just what's for dinner—it's a way of life. So when you're wondering what to do with that glorious cut of sirloin, why not turn to a real expert for advice? We're not just talking about any cowboy, mind you—ranch hand–turned-chef Grady Spears spent years riding and roping on the range before becoming executive chef of the legendary Reata restaurants in Texas and California. Inside, you'll learn about the importance of where beef is raised; what the choice cuts are by season; and which cuts work best with different cooking methods. And best of all, Grady shares his extensive collection of tips, techniques, and recipes for cooking up sizzling, juicy steaks that will satisfy the fiercest of appetites. So fire up the grill or ready the range—it's chowtime!
Feature: 144 Pages
Feature: 4" x 10"
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